A new bar for deaf people comes complete with staff that can sign and a sound system which lets people feel the vibrations of the music.

Paul Cripps, of Edmonton, has been deaf since birth and is the co-owner of the Deaf Lounge, in Seven Sisters Road, Tottenham, which opened three weeks ago.

The 31-year-old and his business partner Domani Peir have been running deaf social clubs and deaf raves for the past seven years around North and East London.

They decided to start the bar after Mr Cripps had problems ordering drinks, talking to fellow clubbers and sometimes even getting into clubs.

Kevin Sukhedo, Mrs Peir’s brother-in-law, has been helping at the bar and said the vision was to open a bar where the deaf could hang out, have a drink and socialise with both deaf and hearing people.

He said: “The bar has been open for three weeks now and we have had an overwhelming response from both deaf and hearing communities.

“We had an email from a deaf lady in Australia who is planning a trip to London just to visit the deaf bar and we also have a deaf guy from Sweden visiting next week.

“There is a high demand for more clubs like this in London.”

The Deaf Lounge has bright lights which allow deaf people to see better, a sound system which allows the music to be felt through vibrations and even have a pool table.

It hosts various deaf clubs such as those from Tottenham and Archway, and offers British Sign Language (BSL) classes for those who wish to learn.

Mr Sukhedo added that there have been requests for a speed dating night and gay and lesbian nights.

The Deaf Lounge is currently looking for funding for more BSL teachers and some Video DJ equipment as a lot of the younger deaf people are keen to learn how to DJ.