The man put in charge of driving forward the regeneration of Tottenham says the project will require the courage and confidence to make decisions not everyone will like.

Last week, Robert Evans was appointed chairman of the Tottenham Landowners and Major Businesses Group, which brings together people investing in the regeneration of Tottenham.

He is a partner of Argent Services LLP and spent the past 12 years responsible for the redevelopment and regeneration of 67 acres of former railway land at Kings Cross.

Mr Evans said his role is to use his experience to advise the people involved in the redevelopment and highlight the area’s importance so people can invest in it.

He said: “If everyone starts on the idea that change is necessary then that is a pretty good place to start.

“I’m really please to get the role and I was a bit surprised to be asked but I’ve had a good look around at what is happening and there are some very impressive ideas.

“My company doesn’t have any land interest in the area and I’m just here to bring investors to there are and work with the different groups to make some really ambitious plans happen.”

The redevelopment plan for Tottenham was produced in partnership with Haringey Borough Council and the Mayor of London.

Some campaign groups have said the proposals are not community led and puts the needs of big business before those of residents.

The new chairman responded to these concerns and said communication between groups is really important because the public need to have confidence in what is happening for them to support it.

He said: “People are always fearful of change and there are always different points of view but we have to work with each other.

“One of the things I have learned from working on the Kings Cross project is you have to have the courage to make decisions not everyone will like and often after people see it they say “actually that’s really good”.

“At the same time this is a project that is going to happen over a long period of time and things are always changing so we have to be flexible and change with them.”

The plans for Tottenham regeneration propose to deliver 10,000 homes, 5,000 jobs and first-class transport around the new 56,000-seater Tottenham Hotspurs football stadium.

Mr Evans added: “There is a lot happening with the redevelopment and I don’t think people realise it.

“I think there needs to be a mixture of a short, medium and long term plan and we need to communicate how they all link together and highlight the importance of the area to outside investors.”