A firearms commander found the gun allegedly carried by Mark Duggan “about two metres away from his body”, an inquest heard.

Mr Duggan was killed during a police operation in Ferry Lane, Tottenham on August 4, 2011, sparking riots in Tottenham and looting across London and the UK.

Officers claimed they opened fire on the 29-year-old, who was believed to be involved in gang-related violence, in self-defence.

At Mr Duggan's inquest today the most senior officer at the scene today told the jury that officers initially could not find the gun until he decided to look behind a nearby wall.

The witness, identified as Z51, was the tactical firearms commander on the operation and was travelling in a control vehicle when Mr Duggan was intercepted but did not witness the shooting.

The firearms commander told jurors, in the Royal Courts of Justice, that he did not hear anyone shout “put the gun down” before shots were fired.

He said he heard the armed officers shout “put your hands up” and “stand still”.

As Z51 was in a car when the shooting took place he could only see the top of Mr Duggan’s head and not what he was doing with his hands.

He said: “I did not see him holding a gun and I did not see him throw a gun away”.

In a video filmed by a member of the public, the jury saw Z51 walk behind a wall to where the gun was allegedly found about two metres from the body.

A photograph from the scene showed Z51 pointing to the ground where he said he found the gun.

The inquest continues.