A taxi driver told an inquest that Mark Duggan was shot in the back as he tried to run away from police officers.

The 29-year-old's death on August 4, 2011 sparked riots in Tottenham and looting across the capital and the UK.

Armed police stopped the minicab Mark Duggan was travelling in in Ferry Lane, Tottenham, and one officer shot the young man twice.

Police claim they opened fire in self-defence, but the taxi driver today told an inquest how armed police officers stopped the car before shooting Mr Duggan as he tried to escape.

As the car travelled from Leyton to Tottenham, the taxi driver said he saw three or four cars rushing towards him and surround his silver Toyota Lucida minicab.

After he stopped, the driver said Mr Duggan opened the door, ran across the pavement and ran toward the rear of his vehicle.

He said, he saw a “tall” officer from the vehicle in front of him come out of the car and open fire on the 29-year-old as he ran away.

Taxi driver said: “I didn’t see smoke or anything like that but I saw him fire the shots and I heard the shots.”

He added that Mr Duggan fell down immediately after he was shot and said that he did not see anything in the 29-year-old’s hands when he was shot.

The taxi driver said he did not realise the men with the guns were police and described how he was dragged from his car, pinned on the floor and handcuffed.

He said: “The police treated me like I was some sort of criminal.”

The inquest continues.