The jury in the inquest into Mark Duggan's death will continue their deliberations today.

Jurors have been asked to decide whether or not the 29-year-old, who was shot dead by an armed police officer in Tottenham on August 4, 2011, was killed lawfully or unlawfully.

Mr Duggan was shot after the minicab he was travelling in was stopped as part of a police operation to tackle gun crime.

The panel of ten jurors had already been deliberation for five days when hearings were adjourned before Christmas.

The jurors can return one of three conclusions – lawful killing, unlawful killing, or an open determination.

Judge Keith Cutler initially asked for a unanimous verdict but told the jury after four days that he would accept a majority conclusion of 9-1 or 8-2.

The inquest into the death of Mr Duggan was adjourned over Christmas and the New Year and has now been running since September. 

His death sparked riots across Tottenham which later spread across the country.