Tottenham's MP says the Government is taking “too long” to make a decision crucial to the Spurs stadium development.

Haringey Council has applied for permission to place a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) on Archway Sheet Metal Work, which has been resisting relocation.

The business must move before building work on the stadium can begin.

In response to a written question from Mr Lammy in Parliament on Monday, the Department of Communities and Local Government revealed the average length of time for a decision to be reached on whether to grant councils permission to issue a CPO is 10 to 11 weeks.

Haringey Council applied to the department for the CPO in September 2012.

Mr Lammy said: “This decision has now gone on for too long, and we can see from these answers, how much longer this CPO is taking compared to most applications.

“Secretary of State Eric Pickles has said he will be reaching a decision shortly. If he does not, I will raise this issue with the Prime Minister directly.”

In the Department for Communities and Local Government's response, Nick Boles MP, parliamentary under-secretary for planning, said the case was “complex”, and that further views of interested parties had been sought.

He added: “We hope to issue the decision on this shortly. It is not appropriate to comment further as to do so may prejudice the Secretary of State’s decision.”

Mr Josif, one of the owners of Archway Metals, declined to comment, but said he hoped things could be dealt with "amicably and fairly".