As the summer holidays draw near, it has been a busy few weeks at St Francis de Sales School. Catherine Manolo, Larisa Sandford, Kimberly Ward and Shabelle fill us in on what the pupils have been getting up to.

Poetry power
During Art and Book Week, a poet called Joshua Seigal came to visit. He talked to us about his childhood and how his mother called him Joshy-Poshie as a nick name. He told us that when he was at school, his best friend Zoe told a lot of lies. Joshua Seigal introduced us to his hilarious poem called ‘Shut Up Zoe’.

His poems were very funny but Joshua told us he does not want to write loads of books. He is focusing more on performing them than putting them all in books. A girl in Year 5 won a signed book by Joshua and was very happy with it.

We all enjoyed his visit because he is a very inspirational poet and we hope he will visit again.

Bringing books to life
During the last day of Art and Book Week, pupils from St Francis de Sales dashed into school wearing spectacular costumes of their favourite character from a book.  It was also the day to give in our magnificent art projects.

The day was normal but fun and my class (5M) learned how to make a brown horse out of a bendy tree which was soaked in water inspired by Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse.  It was quite hard but we eventually made a successful horse.  After a while, everybody enjoyed the fresh air in the scorching hot sun; the sun was gleaming brightly which made the day beautiful.

Tottenham Independent:

Our intelligent teachers shocked us the most as they tried to make us happy and excited with their book characters’ costumes (my teacher was dressed as Captain America). Some of the children also went into character; I was dressed as the girl from ‘Where’s Wally?’ and I hid from my amazing friends during some points of the day.

Year 2s animal adventures
This morning I heard some breaking news. On Thursday the Year 2s from St Francis de Sales went to the amazing London Zoo. They saw piglets, giraffes and many other animals. You name it, they saw.

It took a long walk and it took all their energy but they finally arrived. Miss Lalor, Ms Wells, Mr Herda, Katie’s mum and Miss T were all exhausted and would not have had fun if it hadn’t been for the children.

My sister actually went to London Zoo. Here are a few words that she would like to say: ‘It was brilliant, it was fun and we got to see the butterflies. Some actually flew in my hat. It was funny.’

There was also a bouncy castle which the children went on all day. It was amazing and everyone loved it.

Going for goal!
On Thursday 3rd July 2014, St Francis de Sales PE teacher, Mr Burgess, took some children to Risley Avenue School to compete in a football match.  At the beginning of the game Mr Burgess told the players that Risley had practised every week and that as St Francis had only one chance to practise, whatever happened we had done well and deserved to win.  Unfortunately, St Francis lost the game by two nil, but it was really tight.  However, St Francis will have another chance to win in two weeks against St Pauls.  At the end of the day, isn’t it having fun and sharing a special moment with your friends that matters?  In that case, that’s what we did.  We delivered!