Tottenham’s MP has hit back at constituents who have accused him of representing Tottenham Hotspur rather than his voters in parliament.

Opponents of the Spurs stadium development claim David Lammy MP was not representing their views in the House of Commons when he pressed government ministers on the Spurs Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

Haringey Council applied to the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) for a CPO to relocate Archway Sheet Metal Work.

The lack of the CPO, which was granted on Friday, was preventing Spurs from beginning work on the new stadium.

Representatives from the Bruce Grove Regeneration Group, Tottenham Business Group, and Haringey Defend Council Housing say they are “unhappy” with their MP, who told the government department it was taking "too long" to reach a decision.

Mr Lammy said whether people supported the stadium plans or not, it was in their interests to know “what is or is not happening”.

Speaking before the CPO was granted, Mr Lammy said: “It is not acceptable that a major planning decision, which affects the lives of my constituents, has still not been made after over 18 months of waiting, when usually a decision is reached within ten to 11 weeks.

“Whatever your views about the merits of the proposed new Spurs stadium, it is in the interests of everyone- residents, shop owners and businesses- to be informed of a decision within a reasonable timescale.”

Martin Ball, a member of the Bruce Grove Regeneration Group, said the politician’s “partisan support” for the stadium was “failing to represent many local people and is not acceptable from a public servant".

He said:  “We know David Lammy isn’t an honest broker and impartial in the decisions being made about the developments along High Road in Tottenham.

“We know he favours the Spurs plan and is on record as saying he wants the stadium built as soon as possible.

"He is a cheerleader for the bulldozers set to create that fans’ walkway, and has tweeted a photograph of the progress with the redevelopment of the area taken from a window in the club’s boardroom.”

Mr Ball, who lives in Tottenham, added: “Our MP might be jubilantly waving his Spurs scarf above his head now the go-ahead has been given, but he has to show respect for the rights of businesses not to be bullied into selling up.

“He could support other threatened businesses to remain, where they have also served Tottenham for decades.

“He could use his privileged position as our MP to ask Parliamentary questions about how council tenants are being ‘pressure-consulted’ to make it legally possible for them to be forced out of their homes.”

Mr Ball’s words were echoed by Patricia Pearcy, vice-chairman of the Tottenham Business Group, who said members were disappointed by Mr Lammy’s  behaviour.

Ms Pearcy, who owns a pharmacy in High Road, said the Mr Lammy had offered the group a “brief” ten-minute meeting to gather their views on the stadium development.

She said that the MP “expressed concern over the council’s handling of the consultation” and “promised action”.

However, she said the group felt Mr Lammy subsequently “did nothing”.

Paul Burnham, of Haringey Defend Council Housing, accused Mr Lammy of putting “corporate profit before the homes and businesses of local people”.

He added that the group opposes the stadium plan because it puts council homes at risk of demolition.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club can now press ahead with plans to build the stadium after the CPO was granted yesterday.