School pupils have built their own pond in Finsbury Park as part of an initiative to educate children about nature.

Jo Homan, the project manager at Edible Landscapes London, which manages the gardening project in the park, carried out a pilot project with special needs pupils from Skinners Academy.

The group unveiled their handiwork last Friday by erecting a plaque and releasing fish into the water.

Ms Homan said she hoped the garden area could be a resource for more schools.

She said: “Not a lot of people know this garden is here, but children can learn a lot about all sorts of things from it. 

“My favourite part of this project has been watching the chdilren’s excitement and seeing them get into playing with the clay – at first they were quite squeamish about it but they soon got used to it”.

Jenny Cotgrave, the children’s teacher, said she had tried to incorporate the pond project into as many lessons as possible, using it to teach the class about measuring the water and about the science of mini-beasts.

Both Cameron Gean-Paul and Abdul Ibrahim, both aged 12, said they had enjoyed digging and putting clay in the pond the most, while James Myers, also 12, said he enjoyed using the shears to trim the hedge the best.

Myles Saunders-Bridet, 12, said his favourite part of the process had been using the treadle pump to fill the pond with water.

All four pupils said they were looking forward to returning to visit the garden.