The GCSE results of the borough’s individual schools will not be released this year in an unusual move agreed by head-teachers.

Although some schools, including Northumberland Park, St Thomas More, and Gladesmore, were keen to boast about their good grades, many schools chose to keep the numbers under wraps.

Parents will now have to wait until at least January, when the Department for Education will release them.

In a joint statement, Patrick Cozier, Highgate Wood headteacher and chair of the Haringey Secondary Schools (HSSF) Forum, and Helen Anthony, Fortismere headteacher and HSSF vice-chair, said: “As a family of Haringey schools, we very much wanted the focus of this year’s results to be on celebrating the successes of all of our students.

“It would be a real shame for the hard work and fantastic achievements of students to be reduced to a simple ‘league table’ approach, which takes no notice of the different challenges faced by different schools, pits schools against each other and goes against the spirit of borough-wide recognition of Haringey’s young people.”

“We are of course perfectly happy to share results with our parents, and confirmed results will be released by the DfE later this year.”

The council has released an overall average for Haringey’s schools, with the borough equalling last year’s 63.6 per cent of students getting five A* to C grades, including English and maths.