Tottenham Hotspur has been accused of being at fault for another delay in the ongoing dispute over the club's stadium plans.

A compulsory purchase order (CPO) was granted against Archway Sheet Metal Works last July after seven years of unsuccessful negotiations.

The hearing was due to take place last Thursday but has now been adjourned until February 17.

Spurs released a statement last week that said: “Due to the fact that not all parties were ready to proceed, the court has adjourned the hearing for a short time and this will now be heard on February 17 and 18, 2015.”

However, the sheet metal business has claimed the club is at fault for the delay.

A statement issued on firm's Facebook page said: “In view of the club’s incomplete and misleading account of the true reasons for the adjournment, we made a friendly request for a slight amendment to the news item on their website.

“This was to ensure that the fans were not misled into believing that we were responsible for the delay, but Spurs refused to make that amendment.

“Archway makes this clear statement so that Spurs fans, the news media and other interested parties are not misled as to who is responsible for this ongoing delay: clearly, Haringey Council and the directors of Spurs.”

The company, based in Paxton Road, Tottenham, suffered a major fire last November which is still under investigation by the London Fire Brigade.

The family-run metal works is the last obstacle in the way of Spurs’ plans to build a new stadium and has reportedly been the subject of threats and abusive phone calls from fans during the wrangle over plans to redevelop White Hart Lane.

Tottenham Hotspur has been approached for a comment.