More than 300 people have learnt to swim at an award winning pool in Northumberland Park.

Haringey Aquatics ‘Learn To Swim’ programme has provided hundreds with the opportunity to learn how to swim since 2012.

Run at Northumberland Park School, the programme offers Tottenham people of all ages the chance to become able swimmers.

The club was awarded 2014 Sports Club of the Year award at the Haringey Celebrating Sport awards.

Sharon Austin, founder and head teacher of the program said: “We want local kids to get all the opportunities that come with swimming.

"It’s a life skill, a great sport and there are plenty of job opportunities for young people who can swim well.

“Our partnership with the school and Haringey Council and current support from Tottenham Active means there is no better time to get in the swim in Northumberland Park.”

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