The judge presiding over the appeal against plans for a new Spurs stadium has said he will deliver a verdict on Friday.

Mr Justice Dove made the announcement this morning at the beginning of proceedings on the second day of Archway Sheet Metal Works' appeal against a compulsory purchase order granted by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles in July 2014.

The firm's factory in Paxton Road, Tottenham, is the last building standing in the way of a proposed new stadium.

Justice Dove, an Aston Villa fan, also made the court aware that he had received a text last night encouraging him to make Spurs "sweat" on his decision from a taxi driver he had used in Birmingham recently.

He also told the court he had not replied and was informing them for the purpose of clarity.

The case made by Richard Lockhart-Mummary QC yesterday against the making of the CPO was dismissed as ‘dust in the air’ by Stephen Whale QC.

Mr Whale was giving evidence on behalf of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles. He said “My learned friend talked about the possibility of new units and increased capacity of the stadium and admitted that he didn't know the impact of them.

“The appellant has come here and thrown dust in the air about possibilities which have no certainty."

Mr Whale also attacked Archway’s approach to the appeal. He said: “This is not simply a case that the objectors were silent beforehand but the case they are now advancing is diametrically opposite to the case they made to the Secretary of State on the back of unfounded press articles around the reduction of residential units.”

Mr Whale's evidence was followed by Tim Corner QC who gave submissions on behalf of Haringey Council, which issued the CPO. His response to the suggestion that the order is invalid was to outline how the council came to grant it.

He said: “The cabinet had free rein to grant a compulsory purchase order in pursuance of regeneration, which it did.

"They had the facts before them, as given by officers, and on the basis of the facts it was satisfied the club had met the preconditions for granting CPO.”

Just before the hearing was adjourned for lunch, Christopher Katkowski QC began to give his evidence on behalf of Tottenham Hotspur.

He started by asking the judge if he had ‘received any more texts?’ Mr Justice Dove said: “How would I know? I've been stuck in this room for the last two and a half hours. I'll let you know if I do."

Mr Katkowski proceeded to reiterate a number of the points made by Mr Whale and Mr Corner before the judge adjourned for lunch at 1pm.