A man told how he was “at the end of his tether” on the day of his death, an inquest heard.

Victor Kozdoj, also spelt Wiktor Kozdój, 58, was found hanged at behind the Meghna Indian restaurant in Topsfield Parade, Crouch End in July 2014 - but a coroner concluded he could not be sure Mr Kozdoj took his own life.

The sister of Mr Kozdoj wept in court as the coroner delivered an open conclusion.

She repeatedly insisted that she was unhappy with the way the Metropolitan Police had investigated the incident and in particular the people her brother had been associating with in build up to his death.

Detective Sgt Michael Herrick of Haringey CID told North London Coroner’s Court in Wood Street, Barnet, Mr Kozdoj had a history of suicide attempts and suicidal behaviour.

During his evidence to court Det Sgt Herrick said: “This is a clear case of suicide.

"Mr Kozdoj had a history of attempted suicide according to social workers and case workers.

"There were no signs of a struggle and nothing to suggest the involvement of anyone else.”

Mr Kozdoj, originally from Poland, sent a series of exasperated text messages in Polish to a woman called Agnieszka in the days leading up to his death.

On Friday July 6 2014 he sent her a message which read “You have my life on your conscience” this was followed a number of messages which ranged from the everyday to the indecipherable.

On the morning of his death on Tuesday July 10 2014 he sent a message to an unknown recipient which read “I am at the end of my tether” and also outlined his feelings of persecution by other people he knew.

Coroner Andrew Walker said in his summing up: “There is no evidence to suggest that anyone else was present at the time of Victor Kozdoj’s death, no marks or injuries and he did not appear to have been manhandled into the position in which he was found, suggesting nobody else was directly involved in his death.

“We have examined the text messages and there is no suggestion that Mr Kozdoj intended to kill himself. I have a doubt in my mind about the circumstances around Mr Kozdoj’s death, therefore I cannot be satisfied I am sure he committed suicide. Therefore I must leave the conclusion open.”