A crack team of mini eco warriors has won an award for keeping it green at school.

The Star Squad at Coldfall Primary School in Coldfall Avenue, Muswell Hill, were selected from each class in the school to take charge of green issues and make the school more environmentally friendly.

The children were awarded £100 by Haringey council’s waste management contractor Veolia and enjoyed a recycle band whose instruments are made of rubbish, as well as some junk ten-pin bowling.

Vicky Avery, enrinchment teacher at Coldfall Primary, said: "We are so proud of Star Squad and it's been a fabulous initiative to engage the pupils in making their school a greener place.

“We have done a whole school litter pick, made posters for classroom to raise awareness and have even devised an anti littering rap to be performed in assembly.

“The Star Squad are also planning to do a bake sale to raise money to sponsor an endangered animal."