Haringey Green Party has announced its candidates for the two council by-elections next month.

Annette Baker will contest the Woodside seat on September 17, while Mike McGowan is standing in Noel Park on the same date.

Ms Baker, who was brought up in Enfield and has lived in Wood Green for the past four years, said: “I am active in the Green Party because I am in tune with its core values.

“I believe most people want to live a life more in tune with the natural world and I would like to be instrumental in trying to persuade the political establishment to give us better leadership in this regard.”

She said she would like to see councils being less fettered by central government, an introduction of digital voting, and more emphasis given to the upkeep of parks and open spaces.

Mr McGowan has lived in Haringey for 21 years, and stood for the Green Party in Noel Park in last year’s council elections.

He said his priorities include housing, parks and playing fields, and renewable energy and technology.

Mr McGowan added proactively giving advice to people about what they are entitled to, from government agencies and charities, would be one way in which the borough could help people affected by austerity.