Haringey Council’s new logo which cost £86k has been branded a “laughing stock”.

The new logo, which was officially released this morning, features the word Haringey in jagged, red writing, above the word London in block, black capitals.


But people have likened the design to a child’s drawing, claiming it “looks like it was done with Crayola pencils”.

Martin Ball, who lives in the borough, said: “It’s a poor, poor logo and a poor decision to think it’s a good time to spend money on this. It’s yet another mad project.

“It reminds of child’s writing. I seriously think someone else could and should have been allowed to do better.

“It’s bizarre that so much money has been spent on coming up with that. Do they think we are foolish? Everyone has trashed it.”

The Labour-run authority spent £86,000 on the new logo, a promotional video, staff pin badges and more – while cutting services for the elderly and disabled to save money.

Mr Ball added: “The council is the body we look to for support but when this is the image we’re displaying to the world, it makes us a complete laughing stock.”

Of the money, £40,000 was spent on paying for an agency to give the council tips on how it should ‘rebrand’ itself. The council say the new brand identity aims to “capture the spirit of the borough as a place that oozes passion, creativity, authenticity and charm”.

Councillor Joe Goldberg, cabinet member for economic development and social inclusion, said: “We need an identity that is optimistic and ambitious for the future that reflects our promise and potential rather than the past.

“Haringey is one of London’s great boroughs, a fantastic place to live and work and it’s time we started shouting about this.”

The council say the new logo was created by drawing on the “strengths” of the borough which were identified by residents, businesses and staff.

Red and black is used as the colours of London to show the major role Haringey has to play in the council.

Haringey Council leader, Cllr Claire Kober, said: “Through our new identity, we are celebrating what makes Haringey great – our communities, our neighbourhoods, our schools, our businesses, our heritage.

“We are incredibly proud of Haringey and that drives us to make it even better.”

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