Cartoonish, aggressive and similar to the Nandos sign – those are just some of the words people have used to describe Haringey Council’s £86,000 new logo.

The authority spent the money at a time where they are cutting £70million worth of services to services for children, the elderly and disabled.

But what do you think of the new design? Katharine Buck took to the streets of Wood Green to find out what shoppers think.

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Rebecca Currier, 22, student: “It looks like a sign for Nandos. They could have used the money for something better.”

Pippa West, 20, student, said: “It’s just the words in block letters coloured in, it’s nothing exciting, I don't think it looks professional.”

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Housing officer Jon Burgoyne, 55, said: “I’m not very impressed really, I’m not sure what it’s trying to convey and it looks like its been badly typeset, it’s a very old type face. I could have done it with my son who’s 11. I’m sorry I’m not impressed.”

When asked if he thought if it was worth the money he replied: “No I don't, not when you consider cuts that ave been made important services I don't think thats a good use of money really.

“I think it’s important that Haringey has a positive image but I can’t see that that’s going to do it.”

Full time mum, Zoe Harris, 35, said: “To me it looks like a graffiti artists tag and it seems a bit aggressive. You want the logo to look like the hope of what you want the area to be like.”

Michael Ward, 66, a retired web designer, said: “It’s a bit cartoonish, I would have thought the money would have better spent on services.

“I know £86,000 isn't a lot in £70 million but all the same. I would have thought there are more important priorities at this time.”

Student Frances Doncaster, 19 , said: “It looks like something from a youth group and it looks a bit simple for that much money. I am at university and someone could have done that in half an hour.

“You could have launched a competition for youth services for a youth to design it themselves.”

The Labour-run authority spent £86,000 on the new logo, a promotional video, staff pin badges and more – while cutting services for the elderly and disabled to save money.

Of the money, £40,000 was spent on paying for an agency to give the council tips on how it should ‘rebrand’ itself.