A MAN says the trolls who created a parody Twitter account mocking him “should get a life”.

Martin Ball has been ridiculed on the social networking site after an account under the name of @MoanyMartin_N17 was created.

Mr Ball, from Tottenham Hale, uses the site to take Haringey Council to task over a number of issues, including pothole repairs and cuts to social care.

But the new account lampoons his passionate and aggressive attitude towards council actions.

Examples of the tweets are:

Moany Martin Ball ‏@moanymartin_n17  Nov 12

Going to do some creative action today. For those who’ve asked, creative action means taking pictures of rubbish bags and tweeting them.

Moany Martin Ball ‏@moanymartin_n17  Nov 10

Hi @SJMMcNamara, why are you sleeping? You get £34k from OUR taxes. There’s a stray leaf on the pavement IN Haringey for you to sweep up.

Moany Martin Ball ‏@moanymartin_n17  2 hrs2 hours ago

Moany Martin Ball Retweeted Haringey Council

Hi @haringeycouncil, please record my response to your consultation as "businesses are bad and should be banned".

Mr Ball said the matter was laughable and has not taken the account to heart.

He said: “Whoever set it up should get a life.” He later tweeted: “Big shout to my newest and keenest follower @moanymartin_n17 Hope you can follow too after all the effort somebody has gone to."

Haringey Council said the account has not been set up by anyone within the authority.