Pro-EU campaigners have been stirring up support in the borough ahead of the planned 2017 referendum.

#HaringeyInEurope has been launched in order to support the StrongerIn campaign, which supports Britain’s continued membership of the European Union.

The movement says it aims to mobilise pro-Europe people in Haringey, and says it wants the borough to have the highest referendum turnout in the country.

Jenni Hollis, founder of #HaringeyInEurope, said: “Issues like climate change, terrorism and the refugee crisis can only be tackled together with our neighbours. I want to remain in the EU so we can continue to tackle these issues, to benefit from our membership, and to work from the inside to make changes.

“I know that so many in Haringey feel the same. In Haringey there is a proud tradition of uniting against the politics of fear and division used by the ‘Leave’ campaign.

“That’s why other volunteers and I have started the #HaringeyInEurope campaign. The online launch is just the beginning. We want this campaign to really take off on the streets across Haringey – so we can give the StrongerIn campaign as much support as possible.”

The cross-party campaign was launched on Sunday, 31 January, and currently has over 100 Twitter followers.