The champions of a charity talent show say they are thrilled to have won – despite being announced as playing entirely different instruments.

Massive Violins, a group of six cellists, defeated 12 other acts on Saturday night at the artsdepot in North Finchley to win the first ever North London’s Got Talent.

The group won the judges’ vote with a medley of songs from The Sound of Music, and defeated dance trio Banji in the play-off between the top two finalists for the audience vote.

One of the cellists, Richard Chatto, said: “We didn’t expect this at all, so it’s really great and we’re very pleased.

“We didn’t really see the other acts because we were in our dressing room practicing, so we didn’t actually know what we were up against. We only saw some of the first half, but what we saw, the standard was very high.

“I guess our act is unusual, but that does help, to be different from everybody else.

“We all have other jobs that we do, this is entirely part-time. We have got some plans for performing again soon, but nothing definite.”

There was a slight misunderstanding at the start, when Massive Violins were introduced as violinists – as the proud cello players were keen to point out, they were playing different instruments entirely.

Camilla Farrant, who was the lead singer as well as playing the cello, said: “When we’re performing to an audience that don’t know us, we don’t know how we are going to be received because we are a little bit unusual

“The other act [Banji], were amazing, and they choreographed it themselves, the three little girls. It’s tremendous.

“I actually trained classically in opera. But what I love about this band is that in our concerts we do a huge variety of music, including covers of things like Britney Spears, Johnny Cash and Freddie Mercury. Even though I used to sing mainly classical music, I really enjoy singing all the different genres, it is so much fun.”

Massive Violins won a huge trophy for their victory, as well as £350 prize money. They said they intended to give the money back to the chosen charity for the event, North London Hospice.