Junior doctors had the support of trade unionists as they began their second 24-hour strike today.

Haringey Trades Union Council joined the junior doctors in “solidarity” at St Ann’s hospital in Tottenham, as they took part in a strike over a national dispute with the Government about a new contract.

The nationwide strike began at 8am this morning with junior doctors at hospitals including St Ann’s only to provide emergency care until 8am tomorrow.

The trade unionists have said that the junior doctors are taking action only as a “last resort” to protect their working conditions and also protect “an NHS that works to serve ordinary people.”

Keith Flett, Haringey TUC secretary, said: “There were half a dozen junior doctors outside St Ann’s today but they are not the kind of people who would normally be out on strike.

“They had a huge amount of support from the community. A café owner even came out and brought them free teas and coffees.

“It is a big issue for people in Haringey, as St Ann’s is the main hospital.”

Mr Flett backed the strikers as he is concerned about the future of the NHS.

He added: “The junior doctors are not paid that much and work long hours, but they are important to the NHS.

“How do you know what it will be like in 20 years? They need to protect their future now.

“Hopefully this action will be sufficient enough to put pressure on Jeremy Hunt and the government.”

A Department of Health spokesman said: “This strike is completely unnecessary. It is very disappointing that tens of thousands of patients and NHS staff have been inconvenienced by the British Medical Association.

“We have now agreed the vast majority of the contract detail with the BMA but it’s a great shame they have broken the agreement we made at ACAS to discuss the outstanding issue of Saturday working and pay for unsocial hours.”