Haringey Council has been slammed for providing a “poor service” after missing a word from a road sign.

Liberal Democrat councillors noticed the sign on Fortis Green Road, in Muswell Hill, does not include the word “Road” at the end.

They say it is not the first time a sign has been wrong and they are also curious to find out how much has been spent on making corrections over the last five years.

The Lib Dems highlighted some of the other errors have included the incorrect spelling of Pellatt Grove, in Woodside ward, in 2010 and the word “councillor” being spelt wrong on car parking spaces outside the Civic Centre in 2008.

They said it is also “confusing” as it will not be clear for many people whether the sign is referring to one specific street or the whole of the Fortis Green ward.

Martin Newton, a Lib Dem councillor for Fortis Green, said: "It may seem like a small thing but getting this road sign wrong is a reflection of the poor service local residents currently have from Labour-run Haringey Council.

“Finances are tight and Labour should be ensuring mistakes are kept to a minimum so taxpayers’ money is not wasted fixing problems that could have been avoided in the first place."

The council has been contacted for a comment and The Tottenham Independent is awaiting a reply.