A PETITION to open another swimming pool in Haringey has been signed by nearly 600 people.

The campaign, which was launched by Haringey Aquatics, asks for a new leisure centre to be included in the Wood Green Regeneration Action Plan currently under consultation with Haringey Council.

Camden, Hackney and Islington enjoy four pools each averaging 55-65,000 residents a pool but Haringey has only two pools for 267,541 residents, or 133,770 people to share a single pool.

The future of the Haringey Civic Centre's future is unknown and the petition suggests this as the ideal location for the third pool.

The petition has been spearheaded by Basketball coach Hesketh Benoit, Acquatics head coach Paul Doyle and Swim Development Coach Nathan Joseph.

Mr Benoit, the leader in the Haringey’s “Community Against Violence”, programme says a leisure centre is essential to his anti-violence ambitions.

Mr Benoit said: “Through sport, in particular basketball offered at the TPL basketball courts [aka Ducketts Common], I have been able to give youth in Haringey an alternative to violence.

“That’s why this leisure centre is so important for the community.

“It will provide even more access to sporting facilities in Haringey offering Tottenham youth better and healthier lifestyle alternatives!”

All three coaches are of the opinion that the uncertainty surrounding the future of the Haringey Civic Centre could be resolved if transformed into a sports playing venue.

Paul Doyle added: “It is a fact that Haringey residents have access to a third less pool space than the average Londoner.

“But, this issue is bigger than a pool and why I am joining forces with other Haringey Coaches, like Hesketh Benoit.

“With Wood Green, we have an opportunity here to create something visionary, something that offers sustainable jobs, gives locals easy access to sport in a safe environment, and helps Haringey citizens lead healthier lives.

Haringey MPs David Lammy and Catherine West have also backed the bid for a new borough sports legacy.

To add your name to the petition, click on change.org ‘A third swimming pool in Haringey’ or to look at the proposals for Wood Green or add your comments view woodgreen.commonplace.is.

The Independent has contacted Haringey Council for comment.