A young entrepreneur is making plans for her future.

Leandra Dia, 12, from Nightingale Academy, in Edmonton, was one of five Year 8 students to visit Middlesex University for the Junior Enterprise competition.

Inspired to take an interest in business the group worked as a team on a given brief n a challenge against other schools.

Leandra said: “It was a very good experience and nice to be at a university.

“It has made me think about going to university in the future.”

Nicola Hunt, operational lead for careers and employability, added: “Our team did not win, but they were commended for the way they worked as a team and really stood out as being a real asset to the school.

“It was nice to get the students out of their usual environment and interacting in this way.

“We picked students who would not usually have the opportunity of working together, so that made it an extra challenge for them.

“It got them thinking about teamwork, communication skills and the idea of how business works.

“It was really inspirational and got them excited about going to university in the future.”