A fostering agency is celebrating its foster carers for a national appreciation week for the carers.

The agency ISP provides childcare, education and therapy to young people in need of short or long term care in the Enfield area and are honouring its foster parents.

One carer, Jacqueline, who joined the ISP in 2008 has looked after 12 teenagers since.

She said: “What’s more rewarding than helping a young person to develop, with the right care, support and sensitive handling of their past trauma.”

“I made sure I had the support of my close friends and family.

“We all understood things would be different and I would no longer be so free with my time and energy.

“But I didn't want something that was easy and inconsequential.

“This was going to become an integral part of me, my home and life”.

In her 50s and with a grown up son who had moved away from home, Jacqueline said she had the space and desire to raise another child, while contributing to society.

She added: “I'm so proud to say I’m a foster carer.

“People react with such positivity, even admiration.

“They recognise the good I am doing for children who haven’t been given the best start in life.”