An artist and Spurs fan has caused a stir after taking to the streets to paint a football stadium from four locations.

Craig Barnard returned to his roots in Tottenham to capture a series of paintings of the new football stadium during its final months of building.

The Tottenham Hotspur fan and season ticket holder, who now lives in Hornsey, picked various vantage points on streets around the stadium and spent three to four hours completing each painting.

He said: “The reaction from people has been so nice.

“I’m a sociable person so it is lovely to interact with people and have a chat about what I was doing.

“Some of the comments from children were precious.

“One young girl said my painting was beautiful and that I was making Tottenham beautiful.

“You don’t get that kind of feedback when you are painting in a studio.”

People often came by to have a look, often chatting with Craig.

Some returned hours later to see how Craig’s paintings had progressed.

A group of children even gave him a spontaneous round of applause.

He added: “I love painting and I truly believe everyone can and should if they want to.

“All children draw and paint and I think it is sad that as adults this joy is often lost.

“I hope that by painting on the busy streets of Tottenham I may have inspired others to have a go.”

Craig is a native of Tottenham and an avid fan of the football club,

His parents were both born in Bromley and Argyll Road, in sight of the football ground.

He said: “This place is my roots. It was nice to see local people feeling pride in their area.

“That came across a lot from the people who stopped to have a chat with me.

“It is long overdue regeneration.”

“I felt compelled to paint the new stadium in its final stages. I love the club and I love Tottenham.

“It is so exciting as a Spurs fan. I literally cannot wait to get into the new stadium.”