More than 80 people have objected to a planning application they believe will threaten the character of a Muswell Hill street.

They will appear at a meeting of Haringey’s planning committee on Monday (June 11) to call on the council to reject multiple planning applications that could see one-half of a semi-detached property in Woodland Gardens demolished.

The residents fear the demolition of the house and its replacement with a modern structure would ruin the character of the Edwardian Street.

Houses in Woodland Gardens are more than 100 years old, and locals have sought to preserve the character of the area when altering their properties.

A lack of planning meetings in the run-up to local elections on May 3 meant the council could not deal with the application in the available timeframe, and the applicants appealed to the Planning Inspectorate for non-determination.

But the council is still able to make a recommendation to the Planning Inspectorate based on what their decision would have been if they still had the powers to determine the application.

The residents will remind the planning committee that Haringey Council’s design officer has expressed a preference for retaining the existing house.

Liberal Democrat councillor for Muswell Hill, Cllr Julia Ogiehor, said: “Residents are right to object to the application.

“Whilst I understand the argument that the property is in need of repair, I do not agree that it requires demolition. It can be refurbished, as have three houses on the same street in just the last five years.

“I will be supporting residents in their bid to protect Muswell Hill’s special architecture.”