A bar will not be allowed to provide outdoor seating after the owner broke the terms of his licence and ignored the council’s repeated requests to comply.

Ozan Atesogullazi, who owns Club Planet on Green Lanes, was “rude” and “aggressive” towards council officers who told him to remove wooden plant containers – which are not allowed under the local authority’s policies – from outside the bar.

Despite repeated warnings over the course of three months, he only removed the planters from the street the day before he was due to appear in court over the licence breach.

Mr Atesogullazi was granted a licence for six tables and 18 chairs outside his bar in 2015, and it was renewed in 2016 and 2017.

But the council’s Enviro Crime team lodged an objection to Mr Atesogullazi’s most recent application for a renewal of his street trading licence due to his failure to comply with their requests to remove the planters.

A local resident, who wished to remain anonymous, also objected due to the owner’s failure to remove the planters.

Speaking at a licensing sub-committee today (August 8), environmental protection officer Vicky Woodgate said: “I made contact with the applicant on February 12 and 19 and left various voicemail messages asking to discuss the complaint.

“He refused to return any of my calls.”

Ms Woodgate added that she served a section 109 notice for the applicant to remove the planters and continued to contact him, but he made to attempt to comply.

She said: “The response I got from the applicant was ‘see you in court’ and the phone was put down.

“The attitude of the applicant at all times was aggressive and very rude.”

Representing Mr Atesogullazi, Vasos Vasiliou told the council he sincerely apologised for his actions.

Mr Vasiliou said: “If permission is granted, he will adhere to all the conditions.

“If permission is refused, it will affect the business heavily and staff may need to be reduced.”

When chair of the committee Cllr George Savva asked Mr Vasiliou why Mr Atesogullazi failed to cooperate with council officers, he replied it was due to “ignorance”.

After hearing the evidence, the councillors decided to refuse permission for a renewal of Mr Atesogullazi’s street trading licence.

Cllr Savva said: “He has not shown any sense of cooperation with the council and failed to comply with the rules and regulations of the Highways Act.”

This means Club Planet will not be allowed to have tables and chairs on the street outside the bar.