Commuters waste 18 million hours on the London Underground as a result of constant delays.

Transport for London (TfL) figures show that from the start of this year, until the end of September, customers taking the Tube lost millions of hours as a result of delays lasting more than two minutes.

March saw the highest number of hours lost by customers due to delays -at just over 2,200,000.

This is down from 2017 which saw 26 million lost hours, and 2016 which saw 22 million lost hours.

Head of network delivery for TfL, Richard Jones, said: “We have cut Tube delays significantly in recent years and continue to reduce them by introducing new train fleets, upgrading our signalling systems and refurbishing our stations.

“Lost cutomer hours is one of a number of measures of performance we use to identify areas of improvement on the network that enable us to deliver a better service to our customers.

“We monitor these for service delays on a daily basis and deploy our resources to those areas which need improvement.”

TfL admitted its figures included the impact of strike action on the network.

But they did not take strike action on Govia Thameslink Railway into account.