A report that could lead to cuts to bin collections has been given the green light, despite concerns that some of the options could be overturned.

The report into changes to collections was sent back to cabinet member for environment Cllr Guney Dogan after concerns were raised that some of the proposals outlined in a public consultation could not be carried out.

Conservative councillors warned that options that did not include a separate food waste collection would contravene the Mayor of London’s London Environment Strategy.

The council’s overview and scrutiny committee called on Cllr Dogan to look again at the proposals at a meeting on October 23.

But three days later Cllr Dogan said he would press ahead with the consultation, having fully considered the committee’s concerns.

Leader of the opposition Conservative group Cllr Joanne Laban said it was “outrageous” to include options the council might not be able to implement and this put “the whole process” in doubt.

She said: “If residents choose an option that does not include a weekly food waste collection service, the mayor is likely to intervene.

“The fact that genuine concerns were ignored is atrocious. The cabinet member was supposed to take due consideration to the important points raised, but how could he have done in three days?

“I am afraid it’s insulting to the scrutiny process and the councillors involved.

“The cabinet member has created a dangerous precedent for the future and puts in doubt the governance of the council.”

The report outlines plans for a public consultation on changes to bin collections that could save the council up to £18 million a year.

A spokesman for Enfield Council said that three days was enough time to consider the issues that had been raised by the overview and scrutiny committee.

The spokesman added: “The consultation being undertaken is considered to be fair, reasonable and proportionate, and the council can clearly demonstrate that it is keeping an open mind as to the outcome.

“It is accepted that some of the options being consulted on will provide significantly greater savings for the council.

“It is also accepted that some of the options do not help the council to move in the direction of compliance with the mayor’s strategy.

“However, this is fully transparent in the report and consultation document and will be taken into account, together with the consultation responses, and all other relevant factors as part of the final decision-making process.”