More affordable homes could be provided on a major Haringey regeneration scheme following talks between a developer and the council.

Argent Related has revised plans for its Tottenham Hale development to provide 100 per cent affordable housing – including homes for social rent – at the Welbourne site near Down Lane Park.

The council confirmed the move would bring the amount of affordable housing provided on the Tottenham Hale district centre scheme up to between 38 and 40 per cent of the total – in line with the borough’s housing targets.

Under the new plans, the Welbourne site would provide 167 affordable homes, with 51 available for social rent.

Tom Goodall, chief executive of the Tottenham Hale development at Argent Related, said the move marked “a real step-change from what we were asked to do under the previous administration”.

He said: “When the original appraisals were done, the viability was down at seven per cent for affordable housing.

“We have been working with the new administration and local residents’ associations to fit their requirements into the framework.

“Residents have made it very clear they see Welbourne as a very important local asset.

“What we have done recently is amend our application to provide genuinely affordable housing owned by Haringey.

“We have agreed to build it for them and deliver it for them.

“We are agreeing we will use our money to allow that change to happen and allow Haringey to retain ownership of the building in line with their new policy.”

Mr Goodall’s comments came after campaigners expressed fears that local people, including ethnic minorities, could be pushed out of the borough by the regeneration scheme due to the lack of affordable housing.

He said people living in the borough and first-time buyers in London would be given the chance to buy properties on the district centre development one month before they are made available to other buyers.

However, Argent Related’s share of the affordable housing mix will remain at 25 per cent.

Mr Goodall explained this was due to the high cost of developing the other parts of the site, which are located close to transport networks.

He also stressed the company was keen to provide a new centre for the local community rather than just housing.

This will involve creating three new public squares and a health centre that will cater for 30,000 local patients.

Mr Goodall said: “These developments benefit local people, which is something we really believe in and work hard to achieve.

“It is not just creating homes; it is creating communities.”

The revised plans for the district centre were submitted in October and are yet to be considered by the council’s planning sub-committee.

Haringey Council leader Councillor Joseph Ejiofor said: “We have asked Argent Related for 100 per cent genuinely affordable homes on the Welbourne site, including some council homes.

“We have agreed with them the terms of a deal that secures this and which ensures that the council retains ownership. They have agreed to amend their plans accordingly.

“This could mean that the new homes and the much-needed new health centre start being built next year, in 2019.

“Finally, we are also discussing with Argent Related how they will prioritise the selling of market homes to local people.

“We believe this is a positive route forward.”