More than 30 people had to evacuate a block of flats following a fire believed to have been started by a candle left unattended.

The London Fire Brigade were called to reports of a flat fire in Birkbeck Road, Hornsey, in Haringey at around 9pm on January 2.

The brigade received over 20 calls regarding the blaze in which fire crews had to rescue a woman on the second floor using ladders. Two other people were rescued from the third floor.

Around 30 people left the building when alerted to the fire and a woman and child had to be taken to hospital.

Station manager Gary Wilson, who was at the scene, said: "The fire is believed to have been caused by candles left unattended that caught bedding on fire.

"Firefighters worked hard to bring the flat fire under control. A large amount of smoke was released into the corridor as the door to the affected flat was left open by the occupant, which resulted in heavy smoke in the communal areas.

"A woman in a neighbouring flat was on the phone to our control and was receiving fire survival information. Firefighters quickly pitched a ladder and rescued her from the second floor. Fire crews wearing breathing apparatus rescued a further two people from the third floor via an internal staircase.”

The fire was uncontrol just before 11pm after around 40 firefighters from Hornsey, Holloway, Kentish Town and Finchley attended the scene