A park has been subjected to damage from vandals and thieves who stole wood to make fires.

The friends of Pymmes Park reported the damage which was done to the path in and around the park in Edmonton.

Wooden boundaries which separate the path from the turf was unearthed and the wood stolen to make fires for bonfires and picnics.

Fencing has also been stolen along with damage done to the old house in Pymmes Park, people have been stealing lead from the roof to sell it.

Councillor George Savva of Hazelbury Ward said: “This is a beautiful park and the Friend of Pymmes Park are working to keep some law and order I am liaising with Police and Council officers to find long lasting solution

“I am very angry and extremely shocked from I have observed.

“The historic house is gone through some vandalism and some have ripped the roof to remove lead and have attempted to gain access into the building via the roof.

“This is not the park I once knew”

Along with damage to the park, litter has been left piling up on the lake.

Beer cans and other debris which has been thrown into the lake are now floating to the top and this has posed a risk to the gaggle of geese who may swallow inedible trash.

Cllr Savva added: “This is just not on. We need to find those responsible and start prosecuting.”