Hundreds of young people packed out restaurants after being treated to a meal out by a Christian charity.

The ‘takeover’ rally was for the SPACNation a religious charity to help children and young adults stay out of crime.

It was initially planned to buy free deserts for young people at Kaspa’s café in Wood Green.

Despite only advertising it briefly within 24 hours more than a 1000 young people had turned up, which then led to the cafe not being able to accommodate such a large amount of people.

So to make the most of the situation the charity split the crowd into groups and headed to other restaurants, such as Nando’s, Five Guys, Capitol and Kervans - In all 629 people were fed according to the charity.

A spokesperson said: “We engaged with all of these young people speaking to them about what they want to do and their aspirations.

“This not only benefited local businesses but was a way to show these young people that there are other young people in their area who want to help them and are fighting against young lives being affected by knife crime and violence.”