The area's most behind Article 50 being overturned have been revealed.

A petition calling for parliament to revoke Article 50 – the rule which means the UK will leave the European Union on March 29 – and remain in the EU, has gained a huge number of signatures and keeps getting more supporters.

By 2pm on Friday the petition had reached 3.15m signatures.

Website has broken down the figure by area, giving a glimpse of the areas with the most Remainers and biggest internet activists.

Epping Forest returned 1,550 signatures which is 1.58 per cent of 98,324 constituents.

Walthamstow returned 4,489 signatures which is 3.87 per cent of 115,911 constituents.

Leyton and Wanstead returned 3,509 signatures of 3.25 per cent of 108,086 constituents.

Watford returned 2,142 signatures which is 1.79 per cent of 119,714 constituents.

St Albans returned 4,084 signatures which is 4.03 per cent of 101,400 constituents.

Tottenham returned 3,765 signatures which is 2.73 per cent of 138,103 constituents.

Enfield North returned1,396 signatures which is 1.31 per cent of 106,314 constituents.

Enfield, Southgate returned 2,536 signatures which is 2.52 per cent of 100,825 constituents.

Harrow East which is returned 1,070 signatures which is 1 per cent of 107,339 constituents.

Across the UK the most signatures were returned in Bristol West, with just shy of 9,000 people putting pen to virtual paper.

The petition can be found here.