A campaigner has said he hopes a consultation into a housing development in Haringey can help provide home for those “genuinely in need”.

The former St Ann’s Hospital site in Tottenham was bought by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and the Greater London Authority (GLA) in 2018.

The site, which could see up to 800 new homes built on it, will be sold to a private contractor which must meet certain conditions before buying the land.

A consultation into the development will be held on Saturday (April 13) between 1pm and 5pm at the Phoenix Millennium Centre on West Green Road – residents will get to hear directly from the GLA about the plan for the former hospital site.

Campaigners from St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust (StART) is a group of Haringey residents who have been campaigning to make sure the development meets the needs of people in the borough.

David King, who has been a member of StART since 2014, said: “It’s time to ask people what they think of the GLA proposals.

“We need to take it to the people and hear what they have to say.”

Proposals from the GLA include making sure 50 per cent of homes on the site are affordable – some which will be genuinely affordable others which will be part of the shared ownership scheme -as well as making sure the development can protect the surrounding environment.

Mr King said the main focus of StART is to make sure the development provides enough affordable housing for residents –3,000 people in the borough living are in temporary accommodation.

He said: “We need to work to negotiate and deliver.

“We want the development to have a positive impact for people in Haringey who are in genuine need, people who are living in homes which take up all of their and income or are over-crowded.

“We want to be able to provide people with long-term affordable housing in the future.”

Marlene Barrett, the chairman of StART added: “We have been working with the GLA for the past two years to try and ensure the proposals they will put to developers who will eventually build on the site match the needs of the people of Haringey.

“Now the people of Haringey can assess how far the plans meet this vision.”