Fire doors that failed safety tests carried out in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster are still being used in housing owned by the council.

Manse Masterdors, which were installed in Grenfell Tower at the time of the tragic blaze, were found to resist fire for only half of the 30-minute minimum required by building regulations guidance.

An enquiry by Liberal Democrat councillor Dawn Barnes has revealed 68 Manse Masterdors are still installed in properties managed by the council’s housing arm, Homes for Haringey.

Homes for Haringey says new doors have been ordered and it will begin installing them in the summer.

The Metropolitan Police announced in March last year that their investigations into the Grenfell Tower blaze revealed Manse Masterdors only held back fire for 15 minutes during testing.

The doors were later withdrawn from sale by the manufacturer and many local authorities are removing them from their properties.

A public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire, in which 72 people lost their lives on June 14, 2017, is continuing to hear evidence.

Cllr Dawn Barnes, Haringey Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Housing, said: “The Grenfell enquiry showed clearly that this kind of fire door is not fit for purpose.

“In light of this, we made enquiries last year that revealed there were 68 Manse doors and we were told they were prioritised for replacement.

“We are alarmed to discover they are still in place. The safety of its tenants should be Haringey’s priority.”

A Homes for Haringey spokesperson said: “We take the safety of our residents very seriously, which is why we regularly check fire safety measures of every building we manage.

“As part of these checks, we identified 68 Manse Masterdor doors installed on one estate.

“Although these doors were classed as fire-resistant when installed and were widely used by housing organisations, recent government tests have shown these now fail fire safety checks.

“We have taken immediate action and ordered new doors that are currently being manufactured by a specialist company. Installation work will begin in the summer.”