Boris Johnson has been deemed "incompetent and lazy" and unfit to be Prime Minister, according to a London Assembly member.

The former London Mayor is one of two candidates still in the race to be Conservative leader.

Mr Johnson will face foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt on a ballot sent to all party members next month, with the new Prime Minister to be announced on or around July 22.

The Uxbridge MP has now come under fire from Labour assembly member Tom Copley.

Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Politics London, Mr Copley said: “It’s not just that Boris Johnson is a Conservative and therefore I fundamentally disagree with him politically."

He continued to call Mr Johnson "incompetent" and "lazy", among other things.

Mr Copley said: “He says that he wants to run the country the way he ran London – that should terrify us.”

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Allegedly racist and homophobic comments

He claimed the Conservative leadership hopeful had a track record of racist and homophobic comments.

Mr Johnson has previously compared Muslim women wearing the burqa to “letterboxes”, and described African people as having “watermelon smiles”.

He referred to gay men as “tank topped bum boys” in a column, and compared gay marriage to bestiality.

Liberal Democrat member Caroline Pidgeon, also speaking on Sunday Politics, said Mr Johnson’s treatment of women was “really insulting”.

Ms Pidgeon described the former Mayor as dismissive and belittling to female assembly members, saying his conduct went “beyond the normal banter we expect in politics”.

Mr Johnson's record as mayor

Both Ms Pidgeon and Mr Copley attacked Mr Johnson’s record as mayor, criticising his spending on the Garden Bridge, Routemaster buses, and Emirates Air Line cable car.

The failed Garden Bridge cost the taxpayer £53 million, while Routemaster buses had to be withdrawn after passengers complained of the lack of air-conditioning.

Mr Johnson was also forced to ask the EU for funds to bail out his unprofitable cable car.

But Conservative assembly member Andrew Boff defended the former Mayor’s record, saying Mr Johnson had reduced crime, delivered affordable housing, and been “a great ambassador for London”.

'He is a warm person'

Mr Boff said: “I’ve known Boris for a long time, and he is simply not the type of person that he is caricatured to be by Tom and Caroline. He is a warm person who really cares for other people.”

But the Conservative member admitted Mr Johnson was not a suitable candidate for Prime Minister.

Mr Boff described expensive projects under the former Mayor as “big mistakes”, and branded him “a terrible foreign secretary”.

He said: “It’s not X-Factor, the person that makes you laugh the most and that makes you smile the most. This is an important decision.”

He added: “I want somebody who’s got a better record of delivery and a safer pair of hands.”