Transport for London has apologised after it allowed an offensive advert to appear on its network.

The poster by ride-hailing app Kapten is one of a series that was due to run on TfL for two weeks.

The advert (pictured) reads, “When you recognise your blind date from the news, get me out of here Kapten” and features an image of a man similar to a police mugshot.

Sian Berry, Green assembly member and mayoral candidate, said the advert made light of a serious issue, given the importance of women’s safety.

She said: “I found it so immediately offensive that I couldn’t understand how it got through. TfL receives proofs of adverts yet no one in that process spotted this.

“No women or any men with a sense of what’s appropriate would let it get through.”

Ms Berry raised concerns about TfL’s advertising policy at Mayor’s Question Time last Thursday, criticising a series of ads by Hostmaker which ran on the network.

The posters encouraged landlords to ditch long-term tenants in favour of more profitable short-term lets.

A number of TfL ads have previously caused offence, including a campaign by Protein World which asked commuters,“Are you beach body ready?”.

The transport network has also suspended campaigns from countries with poor human rights records pending a review.

Ms Berry said the rules around advertising on TfL should be updated. She said simpler guidelines and a clear checklist for staff reviewing advertising proofs could be helpful.

She said: “I do wonder about how many corporate messages we should be showing Londoners on their daily commute.

“We should not worry too much about cutting out industries. It’s a privilege to be on the TfL network and to be seen by Londoners every day.”

Commenting on the Kapten advert, a TfL spokesperson said: “This advertisement was approved in error and we apologise for any offence it has caused. We are working to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

“The advertisement does not meet the requirements of our advertising policy and is being removed from across our transport network. Kapten have also said they will not use this poster in any future campaign.”