Two men in relation to a gunpoint robbery have been jailed.

Samuel Gbo, 19, of no fixed address and Kieyenlamar Parry-Mclune, 24, of Nags Head Road, Enfield, were jailed after holding a victim at gunpoint and knifepoint and stealing a bank card.

Gbo was jailed for 14-and-a-half years, having also been sentenced for grievous bodily harm for a separate incident, while Parry-Mclune was sentenced to a total of nine-years and also sentenced for an unrelated drugs supply matter.

A group of men approached the victim, 30, who was sitting in his vehicle on Lawrence Road, Tottenham, on January 9 at around 9pm. One member of the group was holding a shotgun, and the rest were carrying knives.

They stole a bank card which was sued to make purchases at a supermarket and fast food outlet in north London.

Following a week of CCTV, telephone and forensic enquiries from Trident Specialist Crime detectives, six people were arrested.

On January 15, GBO was arrested following a vehicle pursuit, during which he attempted to discard a large knife which he was carrying. Parry-Mclune was arrested two days later and both were charged.

At a trial in Wood Green Court which concluded on July 9, Gbo was found guilty of conspiracy to commit robbery; two counts of conspiracy to possess an imitation firearm; and possession of an offensive weapon.

Parry-Mclune was instead found guilty of conspiracy to commit robbery and two counts of conspiracy to possess an imitation firearm.

Kaylim Adams, 22, of no fixed address, was also part of the trial. He pleaded to two counts of fraud offences in relation to using the bank card stolen from the victim during this offence. He was sentenced to time served and released on October 15.

Three other defendants were found not guilty of robbery and weapon offences.

Detectives were unable to recover the shotgun.

Detective Constable Karl Latham, said: “The use of firearms on London’s streets, and violence of this nature is shocking and as the result of solid police work, these defendants were quickly arrested and in custody.

"We will continue our efforts to target violent criminals who don’t think twice about using dangerous weapons and violence.”