CATHERINE Harris, Liberal Democrat councillor for Noel Park Ward, has today resigned from her party to join the Labour group.

Ms Harris was elected in 2006, at which point she also took on the role of shadow cabinet member for housing.

She said this morning: "I've decided to join the Labour Party because it's clear to me that it's Labour that is tackling the real issues in our borough, our city, and our country. It's Labour that has a real commitment to changing our society, tackling inequality and improving people's lives, above all through improving housing for ordinary people.

"Unlike the Liberal Democrats, the Labour Group on the Council is focused on the issues that matter and has a real vision to make Noel Park and Haringey a better place for everyone. I am extremely proud to be joining the Labour Party and Haringey Labour Group today."

Councillor Neil Williams, Haringey Lib Dem leader said he is disappointed at the news as Catherine had, until recently, been a strong and vocal critic of Haringey Labour's handling of housing issues.

He added: "It is most disappointing for the people of Noel Park, who elected a Liberal Democrat councillor after years of Labour neglect of the area. I am sure we will win the seat back, as we have enormous strength and depth in our team."

George Meehan, leader of Haringey's Labour council said Catherine has been a powerful and passionate voice from the Lib Dem front bench and believes she will be an asset to the Labour group.

More to follow.