Council homes could be built at nine more sites across the borough to help meet Haringey’s ambitious housing target.

Parts of Hornsey, Muswell Hill, Noel Park, Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale have been identified as possible sites for new homes.

The sites, which are owned by Haringey Council, include the West Indian Cultural Centre, Reynardson Court and land in Avenue Mews, at the back of Muswell Hill library.

Together, they could have the capacity for up to 380 homes, contributing to the authority’s plan to provide 1,000 council homes by 2022.

A replacement building for the West Indian Cultural Centre would be provided alongside any housing development, the council says.

Haringey’s top decision-makers agreed to add the sites to the housing development programme at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday (January 21).

Cllr Emine Ibrahim, cabinet member for housing and estate renewal, told the meeting the sites were at a “feasibility stage”.

She said: “We have heard concerns from ward councillors and representations from residents that there is a belief these are sites we are making a decision to demolish. That is not the case.

“These are sites we are starting the engagement on – we are consulting before we formally consult.”

Under further questioning from councillors, Cllr Ibrahim added: “We are making it public that we would like to start consulting.

“Ultimately, where there are sites that include housing already there, if you were going to say ‘this has the potential for council homes’, you would need to do a full Section 105 consultation.

“This is simply us saying, ‘these are the sites we are looking at’.”

The council says it is on track to meet its interim housing target, with 500 council homes due to have planning approval and 350 to have started on site by May this year.

It is likely that some of the homes provided on new sites would have to be for market sale, with the money raised being used to cross-subsidise the building of council homes.

The full list of new sites is as follows:

  • 50 Tottenham Lane (Hornsey YMCA), Hornsey
  • West Indian Cultural Centre, Clarendon Road (including Clarendon Recovery College, which is scheduled for relocation), Noel Park
  • 1-8 Barbara Hucklesbury Close, Russell Avenue (bungalows used as temporary accommodation adjoining The Sandlings), Noel Park
  • 71 Bury Road (garages), Noel Park
  • Reynardson Court/ Chestnut (car park and block), Tottenham Hale
  • Dawlish Road / Scales Road (two garages and unused land, Chestnuts Estate), Tottenham Hale
  • Avenue Mews (land to the rear of Muswell Hill Library), Muswell Hill
  • Tiverton Road Estate (infill), Seven Sisters
  • Sir Frederick Messer Estate (infill), Seven Sisters