A woman who had consensual sex with a grime artist has claimed police tried to "push" her into saying he had raped her.

Andy Anokye, 32, who performs as Solo 45, was arrested after a different woman made allegations against him in 2017.

Police investigating the case contacted a number of women after viewing videos found on Anokye's phones and laptop.

He is on trial at Bristol Crown Court, where he faces 31 charges relating to four complainants.

The charges, all of which he denies, include 22 counts of rape and five counts of false imprisonment.

The grime artist, who grew up in the Broadwater Farm estate in Tottenham, previously told jurors his sex with women was "vigorous and rough" and left them with injuries on occasion.

A woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, gave evidence as part of Anokye's defence case on Tuesday.

She had consensual sex with Anokye, which was filmed on one occasion, and described them as "friends with benefits".

Months later, the woman was contacted by detectives investigating the case and met them near her workplace.

She told jurors the detectives described videos of women - including her - found on Anokye's phone as "violent" and "brutal".

"According to them, the videos were very violent," she said.

"They were asking me, 'do you know what rape is, how did you feel about Andy after this incident, were you scared, did you speak to anyone'?

"I was questioning, 'why are you asking this?'. Of course I know what rape is but it wasn't a rape - I consented to this behaviour and the activity.

"They suggested if I wanted to speak to any sort of psychiatrist they could put me in touch with someone.

"I felt like it was a bit patronising. It wasn't, in my view, violent or brutal.

"They said I shouldn't be afraid and if I made a statement, I would be part of the other girls that signed statements and if I didn't, I would be the outsider.

"At that point I got angry. I didn't want to sign a statement saying Andy raped me because it wasn't true."

She described talking to the detectives about her contact with Anokye for almost an hour.

The woman was later spoken to by members of Anokye's legal team and decided to give evidence in his defence.

Seven videos showing consensual sexual activity between the woman and Anokye were played to the jury.

Before giving evidence, the woman viewed the footage.

"It reassured me that the videos weren't violent," she said.

"It made me angry at that point that they were pushing me to sign a statement of rape, when clearly on those videos it wasn't."

The woman met Anokye through mutual friends and saw him four times, twice to have sex.

She said he was open about the fact he "liked rough sex" and she did not feel pressured by him.

"Obviously we had slightly different style sex than I'm normally used to but I'm happy to experiment," she told the court.

Prosecutors claim a number of videos found on Anokye's phone, which have also been played to the jury, depict non-consensual sex relating to four other women.

Anokye, who is from London but had a flat in Bristol, denies imprisoning and raping the four complainants.

He also denies two charges of assault by penetration and two charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The trial continues.