BILL Wiggin has added his name to a list of MPs criticising the Labour Party after the deputy leader used the word "scum" in Parliament.

Some 112 MPs, including North Herefordshire's Mr Wiggin, have signed a letter demanding the leader of the opposition Sir Keir Starmer take action over deputy leader Angela Rayner's comments in the House of Commons.

On October 21 during a debated on financial support for regions facing local lockdowns, Angela Raynor used the word "scum" towards Tory MP Chris Clarkson.

After the row, the phrase "Tory Scum" was trending on twitter, and MP's offices were said to be targeted with abusive phone calls.

The letter to Keir Starmer was sent by Conservatives Co-Chairman Amanda Milling and was signed by 111 other MPs.

"The unacceptable comment made by your deputy results in widespread abused towards members of our parliamentary party," the letter said.

"Her language saw the phrase 'Tory Scum' trending on Twitter, abusive phone calls and MP's offices being targeted. This has not only affected MPs but also their hard-working staff and supportive families, the vast majority of whom are not public figures.

"I am sure that you agree that whilst targeting MPs in this way is clearly unacceptable, it is even worse that their relatives and staff members (many of whom are you and beginning their careers) should find themselves becoming targets."

It added: "We respectfully ask you to take action, reaffirming your commitment to working constructively, asking Labour MPs and party members to act appropriately at all times, taking action against those who perpetrate this unacceptable abuse online and offline, and publicly apologise for Angel Rayner's record of unparliamentary behaviour."

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner had apologised after she was accused of calling a Tory MP "scum" during the fiery Commons debate.

Conservative MP Chris Clarkson said the insult was hurled at him after he insinuated that members of the shadow front bench believe the pandemic is a "good crisis" to exploit.

In statement on Wednesday, Ms Rayner said: "I apologise for the language that I used in a heated debate in Parliament earlier."

Mr Clarkson's colleagues piled in to criticise Ms Rayner, MP for Ashton-under-Lyne, with Katherine Fletcher (South Ribble) accusing her of having "shamed Manchester, shamed this House" before adding: "She should apologise."

Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans said language used in the debate had made him "wince".

Tensions in the Commons were high following the collapse of talks between the Government and Greater Manchester leaders over a financial package for the region after it entered Tier 3 restrictions.

Ministers came under fire from the Opposition benches and some of their own MPs, but other Conservatives defended the approach taken.

Mr Clarkson (Heywood and Middleton), speaking in a Labour-led debate on economic support for areas with greater restrictions, said: "I implore members opposite to park the opportunism.

"I know (shadow education secretary Kate Green) thinks this is a good crisis that the Labour Party should exploit, and I know she speaks for a lot of her frontbench colleagues when she says that – you just need to see it in the support, U-turn, oppose approach that has characterised their hindsight-heavy behaviour."

At this point he was heckled by Ms Rayner, who appeared to be heard saying "scum".

Mr Clarkson asked: "Excuse me, did the honourable lady just call me scum?"

Interrupting proceedings, Deputy Speaker Dame Eleanor Laing said: "Order, order, order.

"From the front bench we do not have remarks like that. Not under any circumstances, no matter how heartfelt it might be. Not at all."