A cat whose owners were unable to afford his life-saving veterinary treatment, was rescued by an animal charity.

Fred, a young cat from Haringey, was discovered to have a hernia, and needed emergency treatment after the hernia burst and his inner organs became visible.

His owners originally contacted Wood Green, The Animals Charity, about handing Fred and a bunch of other cats over, after both the owner and his partner lost their jobs due to coronavirus.

The owners were unable to look after all six cats, but the group advised the owners to keep the cats until they were older as Fred’s siblings were too young to be separated from their mum.

Wood Green also provided the household with essential pet supplies to alleviate some of the cost during this period, as well as offering to pay for the mother cat to be neutered in order to prevent any more unexpected litters.

And after Fred’s hernia burst, Wood Green offered to pay for his care as the owners could not afford veterinary treatment.

Fred was rushed to Metrovet on Lordship Lane and was operated in a procedure that costed more than £1,000. He was then taken to a different practice for overnight care.

The next morning, Wood Green’s Pet Collection Service took Fred back to the charity’s centre in Cambridgeshire, where their Surgery team were ready and waiting to continue his treatment.

Carla Leete, who manages Wood Green’s Pet Support team, said: “When the phone rings, we never know what will be at the other end. Pet owners often contact us when they are in real trouble. Luckily, we have an incredible team and a range of services to help people – whatever situation they find themselves in.

“Through a combination of pet advice, financial support, collection, care and rehoming, we saved little Fred’s life and helped his owners through an incredibly distressing situation.”

Fred made a full recovery and has now gone to a loving new home, and Wood Green continued to support his original owners with the remaining cats. The charity also found a new home for his sister, Petunia.