Seven candidates are vying to win a seat on Enfield Council in the upcoming by-election in Southbury.

Here is a run-down of those contesting the seat on Thursday, May 6.

Luke Balnave – Green Party

Tottenham Independent: Green Party candidate Luke BalnaveGreen Party candidate Luke Balnave

Luke grew up in Enfield and works at a local secondary school. He has two daughters and wants to help create a bright future for them.

He wants a fresh start for the local economy that prioritises sustainable local businesses and green industries.

“I am committed to ensuring our amazing green spaces are fully protected and remain under full council control,” Luke said.

“I stand resolutely behind existing residents who feel rightly threatened by crudely conceived skyscrapers being proposed on their doorstep.

“I will ensure pollution and health issues are placed as the top priority where health equity is critical in delivering just outcomes for all Enfield residents.”

Luke Cummings – Liberal Democrat

Tottenham Independent: Lib Dem candidate Luke CummingsLib Dem candidate Luke Cummings

Luke grew up and went to school in Enfield. He has been involved in Enfield Area Youth Forum and a local mentor for the National Citizens Service.

“We currently have many thousands of people on our council housing waiting lists, people who need proper, safe, secure family homes, and our council seems to only want to build flats for buy-to-let investors or people who could afford a flat anyway,” he said.

“They are over £1 billion in debt and still doing the wrong thing.

“I will be a councillor that listens and fights for our community and brings our values of decency and co-operation to the council.”

John Dolan – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Tottenham Independent: TUSC candidate John DolanTUSC candidate John Dolan

John is a local government learning disabilities day centre care worker who has lived in Southbury ward for 23 years.

He wants to stop cuts to public services and make living in Enfield affordable for working-class people.

“I will vote to use all council resources available to alleviate economic hardship for Enfield residents,” he said.

“Build council housing to meet Enfield’s needs, starting immediately with thousands of council homes for rent on the council-owned land at Meridian Water.

“Insource all contracted-out council services – for public services, not private profit.

“Enfield borough to meet our reduction in greenhouse gases target, to save our planet – including scrapping the Edmonton Incinerator.”

Patrick Drysdale – Conservative Party

Tottenham Independent: Conservative candidate Patrick DrysdaleConservative candidate Patrick Drysdale

Patrick is a resident of Southbury ward who has lived in the borough for most of his life. He says he cares about the area he calls home and wants to improve the council estate where he lives.

He says he is determined to do a better job than the current Labour councillors and wants the chance to stand up for his community and be a strong voice on Enfield Council for all residents.

Ayten Guzel – Labour Party

Tottenham Independent: Labour candidate Ayten GuzelLabour candidate Ayten Guzel

Ayten was born and grew up in Enfield and says she has a good understanding of the challenges residents face.

“People are suffering because of the housing crisis and the Conservative cuts to the NHS,” she said.

“Locally, I will work with the police to tackle crime in our community. I am dedicated to bringing about positive change for Southbury.”

Enfield North MP Feryal Clark said: “Southbury ward residents need councillors who will stand up for them. I know Ayten will be a brilliant and effective councillor with lots of experience working for the community.”

Jheni Morrison – Taking The Initiative Party

Tottenham Independent: Taking The Initiative candidate Jheni MorrisonTaking The Initiative candidate Jheni Morrison

Jheni has lived in Enfield for more than 40 years and works in the NHS.

She is standing for the Taking The Initiative Party, which says it was set up by a group of politically homeless businesspeople. Its key areas of concern are the benefits system, education, housing, knife crime, managed discrimination and taxation.

“Enough of the premature deaths of our young people through knife crime,” she said.

“Enough of poor and inadequate housing, homelessness and children and young people in temporary accommodation

“Enough of inequality in our community that only seems to be getting worse.

“I aim to work with you on these areas to channel local knowledge and expertise, to come up with creative solutions and make sure resources go where they are needed most.

Hughie Rose – We Matter Party

Tottenham Independent: We Matter Party candidate Hughie RoseWe Matter Party candidate Hughie Rose

A resident of Enfield for more than 15 years, Hughie is a business owner who co-founded young people’s charity Manhood Academy Global.

He is standing for the We Matter Party, which describes itself as a black-led party of equality, social justice and reform that seeks to level the playing field in society in order to create greater opportunities for all.

His pledges include providing employment opportunities, more youth facilities and resources, care of older adults, improved housing conditions and better take-up of apprenticeships.

“I’m committed to serving the people of my ward, providing more services and facilities for young people, people with disabilities and older adults,” Hughie said.

“If given the opportunity, I would dedicate my time and energy to improve the conditions of the ward.”