Measures are being introduced from next month to make the roads near a Tottenham primary school safer for pupils.

A notice from Haringey Council in this week’s edition of the Enfield and Haringey Independent details plans to introduce experimental traffic restrictions in the streets in the vicinity of Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park.

The order, which will come into operation on December 6 and last for a maximum of 18 months, will introduce timed pedestrian and cycle zones in which motorists, except for permit holders, will be prohibited form entering during school term times between specified hours.

These are 7.30am to 8.45am, and 3pm to 4.45pm, from Monday to Friday in these locations:

  • Glendish Road, from its junction with Shelbourne Road to its junction with Wycombe Road.
  • Halefield Road, from its junction with Wycombe Road to its junction with Shelbourne Road.
  • Wycombe Road, from its junction with Poynton Road, north for its remaining length.

Those eligible for permits include all residents of Glendish Road, all residents of Halefield Road, Nos. 130 to 132 Shelbourne Road, Nos. 156 to 158 Shelbourne Road, all residents of Wycombe Road and Nos. 6 to 8 Poynton Road.

The notice states permits will also be available to medical practitioners attending those who live in the zone, disabled badge holders who live outside the zone but require essential access, school buses and vehicles used to take pupils to and from the school, and adults with special access needs in relation to the school.

All vehicles will be allowed to exit the zone whilst it is in operation, but no loading at any time restrictions will be introduced in sections of Shelbourne Road, Glendish Road, Halefield Road, Wycombe Road and Poynton Road.

The council will consider in “due course” with the measures should be made permanent.

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