A plan to build 46 homes for council rent on a site occupied by garages and green space in south Tottenham has been approved.

The scheme, led by Haringey Council, will see the garages knocked down and blocks rising up to six storeys high built at the site next to Remington Road and Pulford Road.

It will help to deliver on the local authority’s pledge to provide 1,000 new council homes at council rents by 2022.

Made up of 31 flats, eleven town houses and four maisonettes, the approved scheme includes 14 three-bedroom and four four-bedroom units.

The eastern part of the development, which is not far from Seven Sisters Road, will be built on an open, grassed area near to existing homes.

Planning officers admit in their report that the scheme is not in line with a requirement of one of the council’s own policies stating there should be "no net loss of open space".

However, their report describes the existing space as "low-quality and in an unkempt and informal state", and officers claim its loss is outweighed by the benefits provided by the new homes, play space and a "triangle green".

They add that the site is "well served by more formal and designated open space, with a number of open spaces and parks close by".

The report also states that the scheme has been designed to "avoid any material harm to neighbouring amenity in terms of a loss of sunlight and daylight, outlook, or privacy, in terms of excessive noise, light or air pollution".

Haringey Council confirmed that the application was approved by the planning subcommittee at a meeting that took place on January 10.