Four new controlled parking areas in Crouch End were given the go-ahead this week.

After a year-long public consultation, Haringey Council’s cabinet decided to implement a Controlled Parking Zone, or CPZ, in 17 roads in Crouch End.

The plans will extend the current Highgate Station Outer and Finsbury Park CPZs to include neighbouring roads, with restrications in force between 10am and midday, Monday to Friday.

Two new zones, A and B, will be created on either side of Crouch End Hill. Zone A will operate between 10am and midday, and zone B, which includes just Hurst Avenue and Avenue Road will run from 2pm to 4pm.

Councillors at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday agreed to implement the parking controls by March 2009, despite 60 per cent of residents voting against the proposals. There was wider support for controls near the border with Islington, where restrictions are already in place.

Councillor Brian Haley, cabinet member for environment and conservation, said: “I appreciate it’s been a very long drawn out process for residents under siege from Islington’s CPZ.

“We had to come up with something that would help to alleviate this.”

However residents in Granville Road, Stroud Green, have been left out of the plans. Clive Coleman, who has lived on the road for nine years, said life on the road is becoming unbearable and residents are being hemmed in by CPZs.

Speaking at the meeting, he said: “We were upset we weren't included in that consultation. If the new CPZ development comes into being we will be pushed from two sides and it will mean another 60 per cent of people will come and park in our road as that's all that will be left for them. It's pretty catastrophic.

“We are genuinely really really distressed about the prospect of not being able to access our homes by car. It will have a devastating effect on all of us.”

Mr Haley replied: “You’re not down for any kind of review or inclusion and that’s the honest truth of it. I can’t say it’s the end of CPZ for your area but we will come back to it in due course.”